Sherri Breese

Birthdate: 15 August 1983

What is your occupation? Marketing

What/when was your first climb? Willis Tower 2011

How many climbs have you completed? 13

Why/how did you start? I started because my husband Steve Breese was roommates with Brady Renshaw when we first started dating in 2010.  They did the Willis Tower climb with Brady's girlfriend and powerhouse Kristin Frey.  I got jealous that they got to go downtown and hang out at the top of the Willis Tower.  The next year I signed up so I wouldn't be left out!

Do you have a favorite climb? Why? I like Aon because it is 10 steps, left turns the whole way, so it's easy to find a rythem.  I like Willis because longer events play to my stregnth since I am a marathon runner.

Least favorite climb? Why? 300 N LaSalle building.  I like the relaxed atmosphere, but I don't like the shallow, carpeted stairs and long landings.

Why do you climb? I like the races, climbing with my husband, and seeing my step-siblings.  I also like traveling downtown (Chicago), and I have been to Seattle, Vegas, and New York.

Are there other sports you’re passionate about? I am a runner (12 marathons), and I have done a handful of sprint triathlons and a duathlon.

Did you have injuries or issues you needed to overcome to climb? I strained my glute muscle which prevented me from climbing the LaSalle building in Chicago in 2011.

How do you train? I train in Steve's old apartment complex, which is a 12-story building.      

Who inspires you? My husband Steve always has a positive attitude and pushes me to be my best.  Thank you to Brady Renshaw and Kristin Frey for showing me proper stair climbing techniques.  Thank you to David Hanley, Mark, and PJ for all the stats and admin work you do.  Madeline Ronk and Mark Block have overcome amazing obsticles to get to where they are today, because they refuse to give up.

Do you have a good luck charm or any superstitions or pre-race rituals?  I used to eat pasta the night before a climb like I do for a running race, but found this to be too heavy for a climb.  I now eat a salad the night before a race.  The morning of a race I wake up 4 hours before the race to eat breakfast, which consists of half a banana plus a granola bar, toast, or crackers.  I then go back to bed.  I like to have 4 hours for my food to digest before a climb.

What's on your iPod during workouts/competitions? I don't climb with an iPod.  I climb with a watch, but never look at it during the race.

If we had numbers on our jerseys, what would your number be? My number would be 2 because I am currently climbing for 2!  [Sherri submitted this in early 2015]. Baby Breese has been to the top of the Empire State Building and the Hancock building in Chicago.

What would you like to tell others about yourself and your experience with stair climbing that might inspire them in their lives? Stair climbing is a very challanging sport, because you need both power and endurance.  It is lower-impact than running but a great lower and upper body workout, which makes it great cross-training for other sports.  Plus, the races are fun, and I have met a great group of people!