Lisa Zeigel

Do you go by a nickname? Not that I know of, but someone put "MBL" on a t-shirt ("Must Beat Lisa") and in a video so that might be the closest!

Birthdate: 3 May 1958

What is your occupation? Fitness Profession - Program Manager at the Fitness Center at the J. Paul Getty Center L.A.

What/when was your first climb? 2001 US Bank

How many climbs have you completed? About 40.

Why/how did you start? I worked as a program Director for the South Pasadena San-Marino YMCA which is affiliated with the Downtown-Ketchum Y. I kept getting bugged by colleagues to do it so I finally said yes. I went to the practice climbs and while we were doing them in the Wells Fargo building, 9/11 happened. I was certain the event would be canceled, but it wasn't. The climb took on a whole new meaning. In addition, I received a 3rd place age group medal on my first climb, so I was hooked!  

Do you have a favorite climb? Why? US Bank - it was my first and for the longest time I thought it was the only stairclimb race in existence!

Least favorite climb? Why? Stratosphere - I hate the stairwell and I am not a fan of Vegas.

Why do you climb? Keeps me out of trouble - somewhat. Really, it keeps me in great shape, I can spend less time doing stairs with better results than running or other cardio for longer duration. It keeps me mentally focused and probably keeps me young!

Are there other sports you’re passionate about? I was really into tennis once, but now I don't have time for other sports.

Did you have injuries or issues you needed to overcome to climb? Mentally I've been through eating disorders, alcohol addiction; got in lots of trouble as a punk-rocker in my early 20's. Before I started stairclimbing I was just getting over the worst of Fibromyalgia, which was really bad for me in the mid-late 90's.Through diet and stress-management I was able to bring the symptoms down to minimal. Lately I have been battling sleep issues - which is slowly getting better.

How do you train? On stairs as much as possible or stair-machines. I love training on the sand dune in Manhattan Beach. And strength-training, for total body balance, is essential for me.

Do you have a special relationship with any of your step-siblings? To name a few: You (Jane)! Jeannie Rasmussen, Madeleine, Jeff, Stan and Kathleen, David Garcia, Maria Martinez and Javier Santiago, Scott Stanley, Terryl DeBruin and Gary Baker…I could go on. Not only are they friends in stairclimbing, but I have done things outside of the sport with many; they have put me up in their homes, driven me around when I visit from out of town, and I feel like they would do almost anything for me as I would for them. I truly feel like they are family. It's a great feeling to have that in my life.

Who inspires you? All my step-sibs.

Do you have a good luck charm or any superstitions or pre-race rituals?  Perhaps my hot pink/skull print RockTape?

What's on your iPod during workouts/competitions? I can't wear one during most competitive races but during workouts - I listen to anything that's rock n' roll.

Do you have a website or blog for those interested in learning more about you? My FB page.

If we had numbers on our jerseys, what would your number be? 11

What would you like to tell others about yourself and your experience with stair climbing that might inspire them in their lives? It unexpectedly became more than a hobby. Once I saw that I was "ranked" it made me want train harder and do more climbs. But best thing of all it has given me an added incentive to travel and I've been to places I might not have gone to without stair climbing races to particpate in (i.e. Mexico City, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Seattle). In every new place I meet new people and have exciting adventures that just enrich my life in general.  

I plan to keep stair climbing into my 70's, 80's, and beyond! It would be cool to be in my 90's and still doing it! It keeps me young in mind and body and the social aspect can't be beat. I hope your readers get just as inspired by the sport!