Michael Rollhaus

Birthdate: 16 April 1957

What is your occupation? I manufacture restaurant furniture

What/when was your first climb? About six years ago, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center

How many climbs have you completed? 25-30

Why/how did you start? I liked climbing the Stair master at the gym. There was no line at the Stair master. I don't like running.

Do you have a favorite climb? Why? 140 floors in Tel Aviv Israel. Nice people.

Least favorite climb? Why? Boston - least friendly

Why do you climb? To keep in shape. Its a fun, crazy hobby.

Are there other sports you're passionate about? I used to play baseball.

Do you have injuries or issues you need to overcome to climb? A bad left knee.

How do you train? Stair master, bicycling, weights.

Do you have a special relationship with any of your step-siblings? So many are so nice.

Who inspires you? You do Jane. Everyone is an inspiration.

Do you have a good luck charm or any superstitions or pre-race rituals: I tell my oldest daughter to get my eulogy ready.

What's on your iPod during workouts/competitions? Peppy music.

If we had numbers on our jerseys, what would your number be? 33

What would you like to tell others about yourself and your experience with stair climbing that might inspire them in their lives? The thrill and challenge of climbing buildings is indescribable.

Did you know Michael climbs wearing a shirt that says "Maaleh B'kodesh" which means going up in holiness.